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Excerpt from Aleshia's autobiography
By the late 1960's, I'd met a mere handful of pre-op and post-op transsexuals.  There weren't many of us around.  We came from different areas of the country, of the world;  had varying degrees of education, social position , and family acceptance; but we were united by our desire to find a place in mainstream society.

Becoming a heterosexual woman was the only goal I knew existed for transsexuals.  I did not meet a female-to-male transsexual until the late 1990's, nor did I realize that transsexual women could be lesbian identified.

The transwomen I knew were willing to risk everything in order to live their lives in sync with the American standard of womanhood.  That was our American Dream.  I thought I'd arrived.  After six years as a post-op transsexual, I felt at home in the mainstream community.
Mrs. Aleshia Melton ...
... at home with her husband
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