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Buy  now from Amazon.com Read a sample of 'The Woman I WAS born to be
See Aleshia introduce the sequel to her 2001 best selling memoir:
'The Woman I WAS Born to Be'
Buy  now from Amazon.com Read a sample of 'The Woman I WAS born to be
This sequel to her successful 2001 autobiography, 'The Woman I Was NOT Born To Be', picks up where the first ends; with the death of her beloved Mother in the early ‘80’s, right up thru today. Aleshia continues to entertain, educate and enlighten with her story of personal evolution, from the actress and glamour queen of yesterday to a self-assured ‘older woman’ living in a society that too often values youth above all else. Aleshia also provides the reader with something truly rare: a first-hand retrospective on the people and beginnings of the ever-changing gender community landscape.'
'Bilbo's Bend' - A Novel, set for release in 2015
Daddy may have tolerated young Tray Bilbo’s preference for painting over farming, but when he's caught in the arms of horse trainer, Lex Chamblis, Tray is forced to leave the family farm he so loves. When the bus finally stops, Tray finds himself ‘walking on the wild side’ of 1960’s San Francisco with a closeted tycoon lover and new friends Jessie, a flamboyant ex-hustler and current designer of haut couture, and Lisa, a transsexual high fashion model. Tray’s success takes him through the Sorbonne and streets of Paris, but it’s Lex that’s never far from his heart.
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