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The Love God
Universal Studios knows how to host a tour. Limousines whisked me from one press party to the next, and at each exciting stop I held court as the honored guest. My only task was to pout, dimple prettily, and be as quotable as possible.
"You need something, you buy it!" were the publicist's explicit instructions - and I was born equal to the task!

Four star restuarants and room service were the order of the day. The publicist even paid to have my personal hairstylist brought to my hotel for a private session. Perhaps a paid publicist is the only man a woman really needs in her life.

Just after this article ran on the front page of The Nashville Banner,
I received a phone call at my home in LA.
"We've gotten an anonymous tip that you are a transsexual. Is there any truth in that, and if so, would you care to comment?"
By daring to follow my dreams into a high-profile profession, I'd openend myself to public exposure.
I wasn't the world's first transsexual, but I was the first to have become a Hollywood actress - some people would find that even more distressing.
Before I could get to too comfortable with my own self-importance, it was time for the grand opening of the film in Atlanta with Don and the cast..
'The Love God' flopped.

Gone in an instant was the limousine, champagne, hair stylist, kleig lights - and publicist.

The Red Skelton Show
During rehearsals for one of Red's 'Freddie the Freeloader' espisodes, I was having a very bad day, and the closer it came to showtime, the deeper my downward spiral went.
"Mr. Skelton" I gasped, "I'm sorry for all the confusion I've caused here today".

"My dear," the comic genius said, taking my hand in his, "that's why it's called a rehearsal."

After the show, I noticed Mr. Skelton talking with his producers. My role was being expanded to include 'The Moon Maiden' during the show's prologue.
My nation was spellbound by American astronauts on the moon; I was starstruck by Red Skelton.
The Dean Martin Show
My favorite spot on The Dean Martin Show was coming out of the crooner's closet with guest star Mickey Rooney. The irrepressible Mickey played Dean's agent and I was playing Mr. Rooney's newest discovery.
The skit involved Mickey bringing me , his newest protegee`, so Dean could witness my 'remarkable' expertise at blowing up a paper bag - while wearing a very skimpy corset!  Naturally, filling the bag with air required much inhaling, heaving, and undulating.
It wasn't Emmy-winning material, but I was again on national television.
Rod Serling's Night Gallery
Episode 58 - originally aired February 23, 1972, with Broderick Crawford and Cloris Leachman
Rod Serling auditioned and cast me, saying, "If you pull any of that showgirl s**t, I'll fire you on the spot. If I wanted a showgirl I'd hire Julie Newmar."

I was finally being cast for talents more impressive than my bra.

The Man With Bogarts Face
"Ugly yourself up" my agent continued. "I submitted your head shot to MGM for 'The Man with Bogarts Face'. You're too pretty for the role of Mother, but you can act the hell out of it."
For the impromptu photo shoot, I stuffed bath towels in a panty girdle, crammed pillowcases into my largest bra, wore a muumuu, stained my teeth with spirit gum, and glued stubly clumps of wig hair to my upper lip. I was described as a 'photographic nightmare - built like a smokestack, only wider.'

I landed the part, working on the hallowed grounds of Garland, Garbo, Hepburn, Crawford, Taylor - and now, Brevard.

Smokey And The Judge
The story of the musical group 'Hot', then famous for their hit, "The Angel in Your Arms This Morning, Will Be The Devil In Someone Else's Arms Tonight."
I played the girl's devious parole officer, but never saw the finished film... you neither, huh?
Hard Country
"Hard Country" starring Jan Michael Vincent and Tanya Tucker saw me again cast as a character actress.
As an actress, I'd dreaded the aging transition. But instead of losing my way, I found my niche.

'Filmed on location'... all the way from Hollywood to Bakersfield, California.  Big wooop!


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