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See Aleshia introduce the sequel to her 2001 best selling memoir:
'The Woman I WAS Born to Be'
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"These days, it is understood that sometimes boys will be girls.
In Alfred Brevard Crensha's case, (s)he wanted to be a woman
- and OH, WHAT A WOMAN!"
Publishers Weekly
..If 'Publishers Weekly' is going to talk about you, isn’t it lovely when they say nice things?

I grew up balancing a Modern Screen Magazine on my bony knee and dreaming of becoming the silver screen’s next bombshell. I was on a Greyhound bus out of Appalachia almost before the ink had dried on my high school diploma.

It was a wild ride that took me from boyhood to womanhood. Oh, sure, along the way I had a layover in San Francisco where I worked at Finocchio’s, a club world famous for female impersonation. I was performing for and partying with headliners like Sal Mineo, Lana Turner, Betty Davis, Carman McRae and Errol Flynn – but ‘an impersonator’ wasn’t who I wanted to be...

My gender transitional surgery was in Los Angeles in 1962, one of the first such operations in the United States. Within a year of that life changing surgery I was balancing a showgirl's headdress at the Dunes Hotel - but 'a showgirl' wasn't who I wanted to be...
I studied acting, learned my craft, and landed the role of Sherry in The Love God, with Don Knotts. After a stint as a Playboy Bunny at the Sunset Strip hutch I broke into television as a regular on The Red Skelton Show. Following that was The Partridge Family, The Dean Martin Show, and Rod Serling’s Night Gallery.
To date I’ve appeared in eight feature films, made thirty-six television appearances, headlined in theater across the country, authored nine plays, a novel, and a published memoir. I even returned to teach acting at the same university I’d first attended as a boy.

Don't ever let anyone tell you that dreams don't come true!




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