'Bilbo's Bend'- a novel, set for release in 2013
Daddy may have tolerated young Tray Bilbo’s preference for painting over farming, but when he's caught in the arms of horse trainer, Lex Chamblis, Tray is forced to leave the family farm he so loves. When the bus finally stops, Tray finds himself ‘walking on the wild side’ of 1960’s San Francisco with a closeted tycoon lover and new friends Jessie, a flamboyant ex-hustler and current designer of haut couture, and Lisa, a transsexual high fashion model. Tray’s success takes him through the Sorbonne and streets of Paris, but it’s Lex that’s never far from his heart.
Coming Soon!
'The Woman I WAS Born to Be' - Blue Feather Books, Ltd., 2010
This sequel to her successful autobiography, 'The Woman I Was NOT Born To Be' (below), picks up where the first ends; with the death of her beloved Mother in the early ‘80’s, right up thru today. Aleshia continues to entertain, educate and enlighten with her story of personal evolution, from the actress and glamour queen of yesterday to a self-assured ‘older woman’ living in a society that too often values youth above all else. Aleshia also provides the reader with something truly rare: a first-hand retrospective on the people and beginnings of the ever-changing gender community landscape.'
'The Woman I Was NOT Born to Be - A Transsexual Journey' - Temple Press, 2001
Aleshia Brevard comes vividly to life in this entertaining, gossipy, and informative memoir from one of America's 'maiden' transsexuals, having undergone gender/sexual surgery in 1962 under the watchful eye of Dr. Harry Benjamin. Come with Aleshia from rural Tennessee in the ‘50’s through the clubs of San Francisco, the Playboy bunny hutch and studio backlots of Hollywood in the ‘60’s, the theatre stage of the 70’s, to the professor’s desk in the 80’s. Now in it's fifth printing!
'INSIDE/ OUT' - stageplay - 2007
A 'dramedy' co-written by and encapsulating the extended famlly relationship of love and respect between Aleshia Brevard and Gina Grahame.
'Agatha Christie, You're Killing Me!' - stageplay - 1999
A comic-mystery written by Aleshia Brevard and Stephen Dunn.
Someone is going to die! Is it the self-proclaimed ‘star' and Davis-Hepburn-Bacall wannabe, Amanda Bouvier Torrell?.. Her husband and his bumbling private detective think so.
'Voices In The Upper Air' - stageplay - 1993
A comedy/drama written by Aleshia Brevard and Stephen Dunn.
Beneath Everett’s comic façade lies a deep need for unconditional love. Through his awkward and often painfully absurd search for romance, we see the unreserved exhilaration and subtle strength that’s sometimes found through the compassion and consideration of others.
'Crazy: The Musical' - stageplay - 1992
Book and lyrics by Aleshia Brevard and Stephen Dunn.
A halfway house for bemused members of society who have yet to find a place to belong is the setting for this comical romp. Marvin Laird, composer of the award-winning Off-Broadway musical, "Ruthless", called "Crazy: The Musical" a very funny, creative mix.
'My Dearly Departed... Your Credit Cards Have Been Cancelled' - stageplay - 1990
A comedy by Aleshia Brevard and Stephen Dunn.
Lucille Kallembach owns the Kallembach Funeral Home where Jim Morgan works as the manager. Jim loves his job, and he also loves Lucille – more than he loves his long-suffering wife, Hazel, unfortunately. Someone is going to get buried!
'High Heels' - screenplay by Jane Rouen with scenes by Aleshia Brevard - 2007.
A proposed musical adaptation of Ms. Brevard's memoir "The Woman I Was Not Born To Be"(see above) by film producer Bob Jason and Artist/Media.
Published works that include chapters based on interviews with
or excerpts by Aleshia Brevard:
'Bodies in the Making' - Nancy N. Chen and Helene Moglen editors, New Pacific Press - 2006
'Sexual Metamorphosis' - Jonathan Ames, Vintage Books -2005

'The Riddle of Gender' - Deborah Rudacille, Pantheon Books, 2005
'My Less than Secret Life' -Jonathan Ames, Thunder Mouth Press - 2002